The last trip

by Mathieu Orcel (2018)
61' Kôn sud with the support of I.N.C.A.A. 
Official Selection F.I.P. Ventana Sur - Le Marché du Film de Cannes
Opening film Festival Internacional Otros Cines Argentina
Audience Award Winner Festival Internacional de Cine de las Alturas Argentina
CINE.AR National Release

Marta, Elena, and Angelica are over 70 years old and will discover the sea for the first time. They live in Salta, in the Cordillera de los Andes in Argentina, and were randomly selected to enjoy a state-funded "social tourism" trip. Each one has an economic reality, each one has a history of life and a conflict itself, which leads them to want to discover the ocean, in the twilight of their lives.