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We are IKÔN* an integral audiovisual production company.

Coming from various backgrounds, we are united around a vision from the documentary film.

From cinema to the web, television and transmedia contents, we tell unique stories that cross borders and formats. Our anchoring in the cinema of the Real passes above all by the setting in images and the emotions.

Our Franco-Argentinian production company has existed since 2009, founded and directed by Franco-Argentinian director Mathieu Orcel. With one foot on either side of the ocean, we produce our own contents and offer our full production or co-production services throughout South America and Western Europe to various broadcasters and structures. French, European, Argentinian and North American such as Arte, BBC, Canal +, Al Jazeera English, AJ +, France Télévisions, Planète +, M6, W9, NRJ12, Agence Capa, Tony Comiti Productions, Banijay Productions, Premier League UK, FFT Roland Garros, Canal Encuentro, Cine.Ar, and TV Pública.

Putting reality into images, more than a slogan, it is our vocation.

*a brand of KÔN SUD Productions